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To Awaken The Dragon

by Focus On Music
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To Awaken the Dragon is a wonderful Grade 3+ work by Mr. Brian C. Wilson. The piece is creates a great deal of drama in its storyline. Students really buy into the story and infuse their energy into the piece. Lots of fun and excitement throughout for all players.
The players are challenged to paint the following picture in sound:

Two kingdoms are torn by war. Once kingdom sends it's bravest warriors to find a sleeping dragon thought to be a great weapon to be used against their enemies. The warriors find a passageway hidden within an ominous mountain range. This is the entrance to the lair of the sleeping dragon.

The warriors enter the dark opening and travel on trails that wind deep inside the mountain. As they reach a massive cavern in the center of the mountain, they find a grand podium in front of a might sleeping dragon. They find text and carvings on the podium which they speak to break the spell on the sleeping dragon.

As the mighty dragon opens its eyes and raises its head the warriors try speaking the spells to control the beast, but their words have no effect. They then realize that they have awakened this beast in a time that it does not belong.

As all the warriors attempt to escape, the dragon attempts to attack a nearby village. The warriors now realize that their war against the other kingdom no longer matters. The warriors must band together to save their own existence. The war becomes - Mankind vs. The Dragon. Who will win?

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