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The Breathing Gym: Daily Workouts

by Focus On Music
Price $ 35.00

Join Sam and Patrick as they present practical sequences of the original Breathing Gym exercises specifically designed to address rehearsal topics for musical improvement such as:

  • Warming Up
  • Tone
  • Phrasing
  • Articulations
  • Dynamics
  • Advanced Training

**Special Bonus**  2 Pre-Performance workouts designed to maximize your musical potential!

The Breathing Gym is a somatic educational system designed by Sam Pilafian (1949-2019) and Patrick Sheridan which aims to improve physical function and movement through breathing exercises and directed attention.  The Breathing Gym is a method to learn to breathe more freely, reduce physical stress, & prepare the mind to learn.

These exercises:

  • Promote a calmer, quieter, more focused rehearsal.
  • Create better group timing at entrances and releases.
  • Help internalize and improve group rhythm.
  • Build better intonation created by more characteristic tone production.
Balance = Freedom of Movement
Find your Balance.  Find your Freedom.
Balance your Skeleton. Balance your Mind.

Join Patrick & Sam in this book and DVD series that has been used by more than 100,000 educators and millions of musicians around the world!

A substantial Breathing Gym companion!
The 2nd DVD in this series.

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