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The Breathing Book

by Mountain Peak Music
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The Breathing Book by David Vining is appropriate for musicians at all levels.

To breathe well means to breathe free of tension, and trumpeters who breathe well create a resonant tone quality. The Breathing Book provides concise information about breathing alongside etudes and activities encouraging application of this knowledge in musically meaningful ways. The Breathing Book teaches the truth about breathing, establishing a reliable foundation for improved resonance, articulation, endurance, and tone quality.

“With 'The Breathing Book,' David Vining has given the world a real gift. It is my hope that this book will be used by many, many players, and that it will make playing even more fun and enjoyable than it already is!” — Anthony Plog, Trumpeter, Conductor and Composer

“In this slender book, David Vining strips away the many misconceptions about breathing that have been accepted as fact for far too long. Once the player understands exactly where the air goes and how it should be utilized, every area of playing will improve.” — Ralph Sauer, Principal Trombone (retired), Los Angeles Philharmonic

Trombonist David Vining is the founder and co-owner of Mountain Peak Music, a publishing company devoted to offering innovative, healthy teaching methods for all musicians. Mountain Peak Music represents Mr. Vining’s personal mission, combining his extensive performing and teaching background with insights learned through his remarkable recovery from embouchure dystonia.

Mr. Vining is a dynamic performer who has delivered hundreds of recitals nationwide. As trombonist with the Chestnut Brass Company, he recorded several CD’s and toured the United States and Europe performing recitals, masterclasses, and concerts with orchestras. Currently a member of the Flagstaff Symphony, he has performed with the Cincinnati Symphony, Kansas City Symphony and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Mr. Vining has appeared on college campuses coast-to-coast in recital and as a guest soloist with ensembles, and recorded a solo CD, Arrows of Time.

Currently Professor of Trombone at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona, Mr. Vining has also served on the faculties of the University of Kansas and the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. A native of Cocoa, Florida, Mr. Vining resides in Flagstaff with his wife Leslie, daughter Sarah and son Benjamin.

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